Dr. Christine Chen, President of AECES
Dr. Christine Chen

Indeed, this book is about the child’s development; learning, growing and making sense of this world. It is about walking the journey with the child. In the context of B2T, the journey is skilfully described in the various projects undertaken at the school. The three-step approach of Provoke, Investigate and Reflect is simple and can be done by any adult interested in walking the developmental journey with the child.

As this book describes the story of the B2T Way, it also encourages all adults to reflect on their home culture, their national culture, the beliefs of their society, heritage and the climatic conditions. In so doing, adults will be able to design learning for their children in school, at home or in the outdoors. At the end of the book, the authors posed questions to us that would help us  write our own story of the learning journey between us and the child.

The authors share their story in a friendly, honest  and open manner, welcoming us in crafting “Our Own Way” or “My Way “ based on the B2T Way. Readers are certainly encouraged to write their own learning story. Enjoy!” –  Dr. Christine Chen, Founder & President, Association for Early Childhood Educators (AECES)