Prof Peter Moss
Peter Moss (Photo Credit: SPPA)

“This is a fascinating and accessible account of a preschool in Singapore, by its two founders, providing a vivid example of creating a local cultural project of education with a very distinctive pedagogical identity. The book shows, with many examples and illustrations, the construction of that project and the evolution of that identity, in relationship with Reggio Emilia and other pedagogical influences, and shaped by the multi-cultural context of the preschool’s home city. This book provides much rich food for thought.” –  Peter Moss, Emeritus Professor, University College London, Institute of Education




Dr. Sylvia C. Chard
Dr. Sylvia C. Chard (Photo Credit: Gryphon House)

“This beautiful book illustrated with photographs shows young children learning through in-depth projects in a remarkable preschool called Between Two Trees. Readers are invited to appreciate how the climate and culture of Singapore provides a context for the children’s learning. Teachers are also offered ways to consider how such work would be relevant to specific aspects of their own teaching situation. Although written with a Southeast Asian readership in mind, I highly recommend this book for staff in any early childhood center concerned with meeting the children’s varied intellectual, linguistic and cultural needs.” — Dr. Sylvia C. Chard, Founder of  The Project Approach and Professor Emeritus of Early Childhood Education at the University of Alberta, Canada




Tong Yee, Co-Founder of The Thought Collective
Tong Yee (Photo Credit: UXSG)

“Between Two Trees is one of the truly original Singapore brands that I respect very much. I find that the values-driven school that these 2 wonderful women have created is visionary and relevant. Their spaces ground the children in nostalgia and a love for our community. I have found myself feeling excited by my own child’s growing curiosity, and touched by how much the teaching team honours each piece of work the children create. Few schools balance an emphasis on roots and yet develop a preparation for the future as well as this school does. Such an integrity and love for their work. Read this from cover to cover; it will encourage you greatly.” — Tong Yee, Former parent at B2T and Co-Founder of  The Thought Collective.