The B2T Way Book

B2T Way Book - Bilingual Project Learning

The B2T Way BookTo celebrate B2T’s 8th anniversary, our founders, Charmaine and Hui Hua have written a book which talks about our culture, philosophy and learning journey and how they are shaped by our Asian values and our multi-cultural school environment. The book also shares ideas about project learning and subject learning in the form of nine project ideas (e.g.  Zoo, Ice Cream, Supermarket) that parents and educators can carry out with children aged one to six years old in a school, home or care setting.

In this book, you will be encouraged to:
– Be thoughtful about the culture and space of your home or school
– Identify the languages spoken and learnt on a daily basis
– Carry out a project with your child using the B2T Way®
– Foster creativity and a love of learning in your family or school environment

The book is now available for sale at these places: [B2TSCHOOLS] [KINOKUNIYA] [LOCALBOOKS] [PRESCHOOLMARKETPLACE] [LITTLEDAYOUT] and will be available on Amazon ( soon).

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